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Sale Apartment 1+1 bedrooms Praia da Rocha Portimão - sea view, balcony, boiler, balconies, garden, swimming pool

Phone 282 492 472   Mob 927 729 761
  • REFLR-LUX0065
  • LocationPraia da Rocha
  • Area70.20 m² | 98 m²
  • StatusUnder Construction
  • Construction-
  • View-
  • Town Centre-
  • Beach Dist-
  • Energy Efficiency
EUR 235.500
± USD 282.000   GBP 214.000
  • County: Faro
  • Town: Portimão
  • Parish: Portimão
  • Location: Praia da Rocha
  • Typology: T1+1
LuxRE Presents:
1+1 apartment in the PREMIUM RESIDENCE development 500 m from Praia da Rocha.
Development with garden and swimming pool.
Large balconies with good sun exposure and sea view.
100 meters of public transport network;
200 meters from pharmacy;
500 meters from the beach;
'Situated in the estuary of the Arade River, Portimão is known for the excellent sandy beaches with warm and calm waters, which make it a very seductive holiday destination.
Portimão has a long fishing tradition that developed especially between the 19th and 20th centuries, with the advent of the canning industry and tourism. This time is a large part of the buildings that we can see running through the streets and squares of its historic center, as well as the structure that houses the Museum of Portimão, excellent recovery of an old canning factory that received the Museum of the Year award from the Council of Europe in 2010. Here we pay homage to the people and the city that for centuries lived exclusively facing the sea.
Nor should we miss the simple-style Chapel of St. Joseph of Alcalar and the imposing Church of Our Lady of Conception built in the fifteenth century on top of a hill, standing out in the profile of the city; it was badly destroyed by the earthquake of 1755 but retains its beautiful original Gothic portal. For a break in the tours, it is best to rest in the shade of the trees of the Manuel Bívar Garden to see the fishing and pleasure boats pass by. Or on the promenade next to the Marina, one of the city's liveliest spots both day and night.
It is in the riverside area, next to the dock that most of the restaurants are located where we can taste the roasted sardines, the dish that stands out most in the local gastronomy. Although consumed throughout the region and throughout the country, it is famous in Portimão and has festival honors in August. But there are many other fish and seafood specialties to try, such as clams, whelkfeis, cataplanas or stews. Beans or corn porridges and the traditional sweets of the region based on almond and fig, are some more ingredients of this offer that does not stop there.
About three kilometres from the center, Praia da Rocha is perhaps the best known of the Algarve beaches, and the image of its huge sand is a tourist poster widely spread internationally. Popular seaside resort since the beginning of the twentieth century, it has a casino and offers a number of leisure activities. In the 15th century it was also of great strategic importance. That is why the Fortress of Santa Catarina de Ribamar was built here, which ensured the defense of the port and the population of pirate attacks, crossfire with the Fort of São João do Arade, right in front, in Ferragudo, next to another extensive beach rightly called Praia Grande.
The Fortress of Praia da Rocha is today an excellent viewpoint over the city, the river and the sea, which acquires a special charm in the late afternoon with the sunset light. From here we can also see some of the beaches that follow you to the west, starting at Praia dos Três Castelos. Some smaller, others larger, but always framed by cut rocks that embellish the landscape, follow the Beach of the Careanos, the Vau, the Barranco das Canas, João d'Arens, Prainha and Três Irmãos. This sequence ends on the long sandy beach of Alvor Beach and its Ria, an important lagoon area for waterbird watching.
But to get a complete idea of the Portimão area, we have to appreciate it from all perspectives. For example, on a boat ride along the coast to get to know beaches inaccessible by land and admire the rock formations. And those who are adept at coarse fishing find here the ideal destination, because in this fertile sea abound large species, such as the spadartes. To enjoy other landscapes, we can climb the estuary of the Arade River to Silves, passing between green hills. Within walking distance we find a diverse panoply of images that will be etched in our memory. '
in visitportugal. com/pt-pt/destinos/algarve/73800
LuxRE - Confidence and Excellence
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LuxRERua França Borges, Loja 4 D
8500-674 Portimão
  • Telephone:
    282 492 472
    927 729 761
  • Website:
  • AMI
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