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Sale Apartment 1 bedrooms Luxury under construction Praia da Rocha Portimão - balconies, tennis court, underfloor heating, video surveillance, solar panels, playground, garage, balcony, turkish bath, equipped, sauna, gated community, thermal insulation, garden, swimming pool

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Phone 282 485 165   Mob 969 427 845
  • REFVE-PE1865-T1-3D
  • LocationPraia da Rocha
  • Area62.17 m² | 77.52 m²
  • StatusUnder Construction
  • Construction2022
  • View-
  • Town Centre-
  • Beach Dist-
  • Energy Efficiency
EUR 345.000
± USD 412.000   GBP 313.000
  • County: Faro
  • Town: Portimão
  • Parish: Portimão
  • Location: Praia da Rocha
  • Typology: T1
ELITE RESORT - the new development in Praia da Rocha, Portimão.
We carry out online visits to properties in real time through video calling on WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger and video conference on Skype, Zoom in developments under construction or finished and vacant properties.
You will be able to see Virtual Visits, 3D Visits and Virtual Reality of the properties in developments under construction and new apartments.
The Elite Resort is a private condominium which stands out through its modern and bold design architecture and its paramount location in the heart of Praia da Rocha, counting less than 150 meters to the seashore, a luxurious and privileged area between the Marina of Portimão and the village of Alvor. A unique space to live, spend your holidays and enjoy the tranquillity and peacefulness that will transform your dwelling into a special home.
Furthermore, the Elite Resort ultimate goal is equally to please your heart and soul by offering you a one of a kind, comfortable tourist luxury condominium, which reveals 60 highly comfortable and spacious apartments of multiple types - ranging from T0 to T2 - with accordingly large balconies. The apartments are quite distinguished by their large areas: T0-type with about 50sqm with balcony and a small garden, T1-type ranging from 57.17sqm to 65.25sqm and T2-type starting from 86.80sqm and up to 92.62sqm.
All apartments have a closed garage (box), which would fit one or two cars, and which are also equipped with electrical installation for charging an electric car.
In the lobby of the building there is concierge / reception desk area to attend to the fortunate owners or guests of the Elite Resort.
The development has at your total disposal and use the following areas:
- Leisure space with green area;
- Heated swimming pool, which is covered in winter and open in summer;
- SPA area with sauna and Turkish bath, also including showers, bathrooms and changing rooms;
- Gym;
- Playground;
- Mini-multifunctional playground, including mini-tennis, volleyball and basketball.
Inside the apartments, the finishes are of a discreet high quality luxury and the atmosphere is genuinely seductive. The floors in the living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens are made of flooring of the highest quality. The floors and walls of the bathrooms, as well as the balconies, are covered with ceramic tiles.
The kitchens are fully equipped with all the built-in appliances, ready to be used: oven, ceramic hob, extractor hood, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher, combined refrigerator, stainless steel built-in sink, solar water heater.
The bathrooms have high quality modern toilets: wall-mounted sanitary ware, wall-mounted washbasin counters, bathtubs and shower trays, chrome taps, wall mirrors, false ceiling with built-in lightings.
Individual solutions for apartments:
- Home automation system including video intercom, opening and closing electric shutters, turning the lighting on and off (being possible to add any element to control the required equipment, as well as the smoke and flood detectors), allowing you the possibility to control all of the above from your Smartphone.
- Pre-installation of air conditioning in the living rooms and bedrooms,
- Pre-installation of underfloor heating,
- Solar panels, for heating sanitary water, with water heater,
- High quality aluminium frames with double panoramic glass,
- Electric shutters,
- Central vacuum system,
- Built-in wardrobes with sliding doors,
- Quality floors in the living rooms, bedrooms and corridors,
- Bathrooms with quality ceramic tiles on the floor and walls,
- Installation of cables for TV and fibre optic broadband.
- Fire-resistant high security entrance doors.
The apartments are fully equipped, so the only thing left is for the future owners to purchase the necessary furniture they like and decorate it as they please.
Building equipment and materials:
- Modern high security elevators,
- Automatic access gates to the Condominium and garages, with individual remote control,
- Garages with carbon monoxide detection system,
- External walls of the apartments with thermal insulating plaster,
- Internal walls between the apartments with thermal and acoustic insulation,
- Pre-installation of video surveillance for the building.
This privileged setting allows you to fully enjoy all the charms of the renowned Praia da Rocha, where there are plenty of excellent restaurants, welcoming cafes and terraces, shops, water sports, a magnificent beach and an appealing nightlife that has, among its ex-libris, the Casino.
Portimão is a city rich in cultural events with a privileged and unique location in the extreme southwest of Europe and bridging the gap between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Portimão has a fantastic climate and a very rich natural beauty. It is a land that does not neglect its rural and maritime roots. The most beautiful beaches in Portimão stretch for eight kilometres of fine golden sand – the harmonious ochre cliffs, the warm sun, the warm blue sky and the crystalline green sea create an idyllic environment for your holidays in the Algarve.
Nearby places of great interest
Portimão Marina is the last safe port on the way to the Mediterranean, surrounded by some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Europe, taking the Portuguese leading position for the preferred destination for Mega-Yachts up to 50 m long.
The headland Cabo de São Vicente (Sagres), measuring 60 meters high and 100 meters long, is the southwesternmost point of Portugal and of mainland Europe.
The Serra de Monchique is a chain of mountains in the western part of the Algarve, having the peak of Fóia, with an altitude of 902 m, as the highest point in the whole region.
The Faro International Airport, which is only 45 minutes away, represents the main gateway for tourists to the Algarve region and the second largest external passenger entrance at the national level, following right after Lisbon airport.
Golf Courses
All the Algarve golf courses are home to various important international golf competitions, amongst which stand out: the Alto Golf, which prides itself on having all the characteristics that enhance a golf course located close to the sea, with smooth undulations of the fairways and challenging greens. And all this in front of the wonderful scenery of the Serra de Monchique;
The Morgado Golf, which is one of the longest courses in the region. The 18-hole course is set in a moderately landscaped area, perfectly integrated into the surrounding rustic landscape;
The Penina Hotel & Golf Resort which is the natural home of golf in the Algarve and is undoubtedly the place where the Algarve's reputation as the main golf destination was born.
The Algarve International Circuit (Autódromo Internacional do Algarve)
The Algarve International Circuit, which is a true race against time, is part of an innovative project worldwide, it was conceived to offer all facilities to the most varied sectors of the motorized industry, from the builders to the competition teams and companies, in order to be able to present, test and develop their products.
Algarve International Karting Track
(Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve)
The Algarve International Karting Track (KIA), opened in 2010, is one of the largest in Europe and represents another important milestone in the global Algarve Motor Park project. The KIA includes a restaurant, boxes and shops, as well as a rental system for more than fifty karts of different categories. In this space, it is possible to operate two tracks simultaneously, where there is no shortage of official races, competitions, championships and private trophies. The karting track is a privileged place for testing, with artificially wet areas, to complement the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve. Companies and teams have at their disposal an ideal place for holding different events, whether it be renting meeting rooms, launching a product or simply a 'team-building' activity. The Algarve International Karting Track is undoubtedly a place of leisure and entertainment for fans, companies, families and children who will find here a place of great fun.
Rallies, such as Rallye Casinos do Algarve, besides the usual final stages of the National Rally Championships and the FPAK Asphalt Rally Cup, had been also held here, namely the FIA European Rally Trophy Final, welcoming for that purpose fifteen nationalities which proudly represented each their own country, starting off from the picturesque riverside area in Portimão.
The mentioned riverside area of Portimão is also home for the most spectacular water races of Formula 1 Powerboats World Championships and Grand Prix, one of the most exciting high-speed water sports in the world. The race takes place in the estuary of the Arade River and includes unmissable sports shows in the F4 and F1 variants.
The magnificent ELITE RESORT project will be completed in July 2022.
The images presented are merely illustrative and indicative for commercial purposes. The areas considered, finishes and equipment are merely illustrative.
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Portugal EstateLargo do Dique, Ed. "Casa do Rio", Loja "A"
8500-531 Portimão
  • Telephone:
    282 485 165
    969 427 845
  • Website:
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