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Apartment 2 bedrooms Modern Cerro Ruívo Portimão for sale - underfloor heating, double glazing, solar panel, balcony, sound insulation, barbecue, garage, balconies, ground-floor, parking space

Phone 282 405 090   Mob 282 405 090
  • REFNU-NU_4533
  • LocationCerro Ruívo
  • Area86.60 m² | 93.95 m²
  • StatusUnder Construction
  • Construction-
  • View-
  • Town Centre-
  • Beach Dist-
  • Energy Efficiency
EUR 166.900
± USD 200.000   GBP 151.000
  • County: Faro
  • Town: Portimão
  • Parish: Portimão
  • Location: Cerro Ruívo
  • Typology: T2
New apartments for sale in Portimão, in 'Construction'. Come and discover the new residential building consisting of 2 interconnected blocks, with high energy efficiency (savings for heating and cooling estimated at about 25%).
Two 5-storey buildings, Development called Comfort 2, which meet the operational characteristics of modern apartments T2 and T3, located in the Urbanization Cerro Ruivo in Portimão (near the 3 Nozzles), between LIDL, ALDI and ForPortil. Quiet and private place, in a residential area, quite quiet, close to several golf courses and all the necessary infrastructure, such as mainland shopping center, LIDL and ALDI supermarkets and 1.5 km from the beaches.
Each of the apartments has at least one parking space in the basement, exclusively used, in which will be installed an electricity cable, connected to the apartment, for electric car chargers, which will be a bonus for owners of electric or hybrid cars. The 3rd floor apartments have a garage space for 2 cars.
Safeguards from the front balconies of the main façade will be made of new technology glass without handrails and columns. Respecting the privacy requirements of potential buyers and permanent residents, other parts of the rooms' balconies will be made of concrete.
1. Each apartment will have 2 bathrooms, one of which has a large area, prepared for disabled people, in which a bathtub is installed.
2. Smart home elements:
2.1 Control all electric blinds with a button in the lobby of the apartment, to close or open all blinds at once.
2.2 Control of all lights with a button in the lobby of the apartment, to turn all lights on and off at the same time.
2.3 Automatic temperature control of the solar panel hot water with circuit breaker to turn on and off from inside flat.
2.4 Automatic lighting with motion sensors in the parking lot, corridors, building hall and stairs.
2.5 Color video intercom.
2.6 Electric underfloor heating with wall-mounted programmers (4 events in 24 hours) in kitchens, bathrooms. In the 3rd apartments of the ground ground will be installed and in the rooms and kitchens.
3. Large balconies, some up to 50sqm with maximum possible widths and well lit.
4. BBQ zone on balconies. Separate lighting point, washing machine.
5. Tap on one of the balconies.
6. The landings of the main entrance of the apartment and all the exits of the apartment to the balconies are made of natural stone with hydrophobic impregnation.
7. Bathroom doors open inside the wall - sliding doors, so the owners of the apartments will save space in the apartment, which would otherwise be occupied by an open door.
8. In the boxes of electric blinds will be made a natural ventilation of the air, to avoid the occurrence of fungi and molds.
9. Installation of forced electrical ventilation in all sanitary installations.
10. Soundproofing of plumbing tubes and river waters.
11. Installation of electric heated towel racks in the bathroom.
12. Built-in wardrobe in the entrance hall of the apartment with retractable hanger for clothes, space for shoes and accessories.
13. Inside the apartment, quality finishes, walls and ceiling painted white.
14. Pre-installation of Split air conditioning (heating /cooling) in the rooms and rooms.
15. Fully equipped kitchens with teka appliances or similar energy-efficient Class A+++ appliances: oven, glass ceramic hob, extractor hood, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator, stainless steel washbasin. The kitchens are equipped with recyclable material collectors and garbage separators.
16. Bathrooms: all toilets suspended to be able to use robot vacuum cleaner, sink with mirror (with lighting), bathtub, shower bases, chrome faucets.
17. One of the bathrooms with bathtub.
18. Entrance doors of high security apartments with fire breaks.
19. Double glazing with quality aluminum frames.
20. Thermal and acoustic electric blinds.
2 bedroom apartments from 166.900 Euros with 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite) and parking space.
3 bedroom apartments from 174.400 Euros with 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite) and parking space.
Ref. : 4533
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