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Saturday, 23 October 2021
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Apartment new sea view 2 bedrooms for sale Forte de São João Olhos de Água Albufeira - sea view, terrace, balcony, swimming pool, garage, air conditioning, equipped

Phone 289 572 445   Mob + 351 289 514 692
  • REFNV-A2-10-(PR-162)
  • LocationForte de São João
  • Area119.10 m²
  • StatusNew
  • Construction2021
  • View-
  • Town Centre-
  • Beach Dist-
  • Energy Efficiency
EUR 395.000
± USD 472.000   GBP 358.000
  • County: Faro
  • Town: Albufeira
  • Parish: Olhos de Água
  • Location: Forte de São João
  • Typology: T2
Albufeira, Algarve, near Praia do Forte de São João, 2 bedroom apartment with sea view, close to the city center, services and commerce.
Condominium 200 meters from the beach, sea view, under construction, with types T2 and T3, all 18 apartments with good sun exposure, large and sunny common pool, 1 or 2 parking spaces and storage rooms. 200 meters from Praia dos Alemães, in Albufeira
This apartment consists of a lounge with balcony, 2 bedrooms (1 en suite) with wardrobe and balcony, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen with Bosch appliances, 1 parking space in the garage. Equipped with air conditioning, equipped with excellent sun exposure (North / South).
Quiet condominium, in a street without any traffic, in a privileged area to live or simply for holidays, close to the old city center, where you will find variety and quality, when it comes to dining spaces and night entertainment, with shops close by and for the short the distance that exists to the beach, the long walks on the vast beach will be inviting.
Given its privileged location and its constructive quality, this is an excellent investment, which will offer its new owners quality of life and, in the case of owners / investors, their capital invested with guaranteed income.
It should be noted that the units on the 1st and 2nd floors have fantastic sea views, with sales values ​​from € 422,500. All apartments on the 2nd floor (top) have a private terrace on the roof of the building.
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e19a.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e19d.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e19f.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1a0.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1a1.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1a2.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1a3.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1a4.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1a5.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1a6.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1a7.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1a8.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1a9.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1aa.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1ab.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1ac.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1ad.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1ae.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1af.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1b0.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1b1.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1b2.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1b3.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1b4.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1b5.JPG
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1b6.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1b7.jpg
  • thumb-207487487_ID0c992d01-0000-0500-0000-00000cb2e1b8.jpg
NovusMedEstrada Sta Eulália, Edifício Sta Eulália Mar, Bloco 3, Loja 1
8200-269 Albufeira
  • Telephone:
    289 572 445
    + 351 289 514 692
  • Website:
  • AMI
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