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On sale House Luxury 4 bedrooms Praia da Luz Lagos - solar panels, swimming pool, terrace, garden, sea view

Phone 282 762 645   Mob 282 762 645
  • REFLB-P1600
  • LocationPraia da Luz
  • Area440 m² | 1200 m²
  • StatusUnder Construction
  • Construction2020
  • ViewCountryside, City, Garden, Sea, Mountain, Beach
  • Town Centre1000 m
  • Beach Dist1000 m
  • Energy Efficiency
EUR 1.500.000
± USD 1.793.000   GBP 1.361.000
  • County: Faro
  • Town: Lagos
  • Parish: Luz
  • Location: Praia da Luz
  • Typology: T4
Exclusive Eco-Friendly Luxury Villas in Luz.
Encosta, the first sustainable project in Praia da Luz, features 8 contemporary luxurious homes with areas ranging between 350 and 480m². It is one of the last available developable tracks of land in Praia da Luz with both privacy and unobstructed sea views. Built under Passive House standards, adapted to the Algarve weather conditions, Encosta uses the most advance solar, water management and insulation technologies to reduce the cost of home ownership and create true eco-friendly living. Following a passive-solar building design, Encosta features overhanding eaves that control solar penetration , exposing windows to direct sunlight progressively during winter while shading them in the summer. Standard specifications include a private garden, outdoor terrace, and private pool. Heated pools with automatic covers and jacuzzis are featured as standard in some villas and can be added as extras in the others. The health and comfort of our homeowners is our ultimate goal. As such, Encosta is built with all-natural materials, including wood and stone pavements with radiant heating and eco-friendly, low-emission paints and wall coverings. Based on a passive-solar building design and the latest renewable energy management systems, Encosta was conceived to use 25% of the energy of comparable homes built under traditional standards. Houses feature advanced materials and the latest in renewable energy management technologies to be self-powered and operational off-grid, they have, among others, solar thermal panels for water heating, a 40m³ rainwater retention tank for irrigation.
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Luz BayRua 25 de Abril, nº18
8600-763 Lagos
  • Telephone:
    282 762 645
  • Fax:
    282 762 646
  • Website:
  • AMI
Rua Direita, nº 21
Praia da Luz
8600 Lagos
Tel. (+351) 282 782 240
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